Weather Fest is an event where students can come together and show off their creative and intellectual skills in a fun atmosphere.

I loved science fairs but hated using the white board and the structural format of it all. So, I decided to create an environment where students can take whatever approach they feel best fits their creative and learning needs, whether that is through song and dance, hands on displays etc., and collaborate with their peers in constructing a weather-related science project. 

There is also a competitive side to it as well. Socorro Independent School District will get a chance to showcase 4 high schools, 4 middle schools and 4 elementary schools for a chance to win 1st place for elementary, 1st place for middle school and 1st place for high school. 

This year Socorro, El Paso, Ysleta, and Clint ISD will go head-to-head and compete for what is called the Ultimate Weather Warrior award. This coveted award will go to the team who is best able to present and explain their project, showing they fully grasp a deep understanding of their chosen topic. 

The following videos highlight a few of SISD’s schools competing this year.