Weather Authority Alert: Possible thunderstorms still in the forecast today

El Paso News

Steady rainfall is expected throughout the day Friday, but thunderstorms are still possible in some parts of the borderland.

An 80% chance of showers stay in the forecast for today because of the amount of humid air in the atmosphere from a Pacific storm system that came in from the West overnight.

A low pressure system that came with this system can possible spark off some isolated thunderstorms throughout the day.

Along with this system, a cold front made its way in overnight as well. This means that high temperatures today will be in the low to mid 50’s, which is below normal. Cloud coverage will also be very apparent Friday, which will contribute to feels like temperatures feeling at least 5° cooler than they actually are.

Rain chances will remain in the forecast tonight as the storm system and humid air moves to the East,

Both rain and cloud coverage will clear up by Saturday. 

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