EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The new live-action superhero movie “Blue Beetle” is based on the original comic character from El Paso, Texas. El Pasoans are excited as they can connect to their roots.

Movie lovers told KTSM that El Paso now has its superhero and its Blue Beetle.

The movie brought the Mexican Latino culture to light as it pays homage to “El Chuco.”

“There was never any representation of Latino superheroes in media, and even in comics, there wasn’t any. But like recently, now it’s great to see that’s starting up again,” Daniel Ramirez, who watched Blue Beetle said.

The Warner Brothers even reached out to a local El Paso artist, Jose Alvarado, to create an exclusive mural for the 915 on the front of Cinemark in East El Paso.

Alvarado told KTSM this pays homage to the superhero and what the movie represents.

“It has a lot of things about our history, about our culture and about family, which is really important. About how our Mexican American Chicano families are so tied together, how we’re united and I think that’s what makes us feel so special,” Alvarado said.

Alvarado said this not only supports Latinos on the screen but off and behind the screen too.

“I mean for our first Chicano Mexican superhero to be for my town. I think that’s going to be important. That’s going to be historic,” Alvarado said.