Water woes continue in Horizon City after damaged well prompts restrictions

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Four days since a damaged well in Horizon City prompted water restrictions for residents, there is still no fix.

HORIZON CITY, Texas (KTSM) – Four days since a damaged well in Horizon City prompted water restrictions for residents, there is still no fix.

“It’s an all day essential that we need water here in Horizon,” said Lorenzo Trevizo. He lives in Horizon City.

Residents seem conflicted with how much water they can conserve in the summer heat.

“I think it’s good just because so many people nowadays waste so much water,” said Jeannette Romo, a Horizon City resident.

“We have to water outside and wet the dirt so that it’s refreshing because it’s hot,” said Julia Maldonado, another Horizon City resident.

The Horizon Regional Municipal Utility District has been enforcing restrictions for residents due to a non-operational well.

The company said a well that provides drinkable water had a mechanical failure and other wells are struggling to keep up with demand.

Restrictions include:

  • No landscape irrigation allowed
  • New bleeder lines for evaporative coolers can be no larger than 1 /8
  • diameter.
  • No new filling or refilling of pools. Topping off of existing pools will be allowed.
  • All pools must be covered when not in use.

Customers will be asked to:

  • Utilize water reuse where possible.
  • Check for and fix leaks.
  • Install aerators on faucets.
  • Use less water for baths or reduce shower time.
  • Wash only full loads of dishes and use water efficient settings if available

The use of water for construction purposes from designated fire hydrants with bulk meter contracts will be limited or discontinued once the customer is notified 24 hours in advance.

  • Out of District Construction Meters will be limited or discontinued first.
  • In-District Construction Meters will be limiter or discontinued thereafter.

Water officials said they will let the public know once water restrictions have been lifted.

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