Waste Not, Want Not: Natural Beauty Products

El Paso News

In the fifth installment of Estefania’s nine-day series on reducing waste in our everyday lives, she’s on the hunt for natural beauty products. 

We’re back with another mission on my nine days waste-free journey. No, we weren’t able to find everything we needed at the farmer’s market but that’s okay because we were able to make the connections that we needed to find those products. That’s actually who we’re about to pay a visit to right now.

If you remember Carla Karam from the farmer’s market, she’s here again to help get some of the products that we weren’t able to find there. Especially because they’re better naturally made than buying them somewhere else. 

Carla got involved with making natural beauty products after her husband was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. She said the diagnosis scared them enough that they decided to go chemical-free by making their own products with natural ingredients found in their pantry.

One of the things most people don’t think about when they decide to go waste free is that most beauty and hygienic products used in the bathroom are made with plastic packaging if you’re buying it at a local grocery or beauty store.

Carla sells natural loofahs, soaps and an acne line to help moisturize your face. She says if she reads a label and she can’t pronounce the ingredients or there’s more than three or four syllables she doesn’t buy the product.

While making her natural beauty products, she uses only natural ingredients that would have been used by our ancestors.  

The great news is that for those of us who are too busy in our daily lives to make our own products, local El Pasoans like Carla are able to provide these products to us. 

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