Viral video of dog not responding sparks controversy over what qualifies as neglect

El Paso News

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – A video is going viral on social media showing a dog laying down, not responding when a woman calls him.

The video has been shared over 100 times on Facebook. The woman behind the video telling KTSM it’s her neighbor’s dog, Max.

“I went to go check on the dog he was not moving he was in the dog house he wasn’t moving and he was unable to walk,” said Elena Perez, the women who posted the video to social media.

Photo from viral video

Perez said she went to check on the dog while her neighbor was out of town, saying the dog was left with not enough food and water. That’s when she called 311.

However, the owner of the dog said animal services came and checked on the dog and determined that he was fine.

Max on Friday.

“They came every day just to check that he was under control and max is okay. I don’t know if you can, well, you know take a video of him,” said Martha Gaellogs the owner of Max.

“Just because social media posts are out there doesn’t mean we haven’t responded because social media said that we haven’t,” said Paula Powell the Director of Animal Services.

If you call 311, it is Animal Services that respond to check on the dog. However, if you feel the dog is in danger, that’s when they communicate with the El Paso Police Department Animal Cruelty Unit.

“A call where there is an animal who is in distress who hasn’t been fed hasn’t had any water in days and it’s emaciated. That’s when they will take up the case with us and we will start the investigation of why was that animal not cared for,” said Deputy Garcia with the El Paso Police Department Animal Cruelty Unit.

According to the El Paso Police Department in the past two weeks, there have been eight arrests made in animal cruelty cases in El Paso.

“It’s mostly concerned citizens wanting us to check on the well fair of the animals. But really as long as the animals are being cared for they have water, shelter and in good health, then it’s not really an animal cruelty case. It’s more of an Animal Services case, just to follow up on them and make sure that they are doing okay,” said Deputy Garcia.

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