Victim of Cincinnati District stabbing remembered

El Paso News

El Paso Police have identified the man killed in the Cincinnati Entertainment District stabbing as 63-year-old Chester Charles Woodard.

Investigators say Woodard was found unresponsive on the ground next to a bus bench at 10:40 P.M. Wednesday night. Woodard was rushed to University Medical Center where he died.

Woodard was lovingly known as ‘Chet’ in the Cincinnati District, and a loyal regular at Rockin’ Cigar Bar. Where he was known to stay the night when the bar closed.

According to his friends, Chet was known as a free spirit.

“He ever really worried too much about the bad things that happened, just always kept on moving,” said the manager of Rockin’ Cigar, Rudy.

The owner of the bar told KTSM, Chet had a way of bringing life into every room.

“He was very well-loved in this bar, he was sort of our little token we had a lot of laughs with him, some of the best days in this bar, we’re him being the center of attention,” said Frank Ricci.

According to Chet’s friends, he had just begun moving out of a rough time in his life and was saving money to buy a home in the Kern area. Ricci told KTSM Chet would carry large amounts of money with him that he had made from work and believes he was robbed Wednesday night.

“Chet would never hurt a fly, he was all love so the fact that someone did this to Chet is heartbreaking,” said Rudy.

The Rockin’ Cigar Bar and Grill will celebrate Charles ‘Chet’ Woodard’s life during a local memorial on Thursday, September 26 at 6 p.m. at the bar, located at 226 Cincinnati Avenue.

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