Update: Two more family members die from COVID-19 in a family where all tested positive

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Note: The family kindly asks for donations to cover hospital and funeral expenses, the GoFundMe can be found here or the end of the article.

El PASO, Texas (KTSM)– UPDATE: A Canutillo family told KTSM their uncle and father both died from COVID-19 after a few weeks in the ICU. When KTSM first reported this story on Friday, Rick Medel said their aunt had died from the virus while the others were in critical condition.

The Medel family had eight total members of their family test positive. He shares a message to the community:

“You just need to follow what they say, they tell you wear the mask, wear the mask, protect yourself because I lost three family members and the person that raised me, I know he had more time,” Medel said.

He said some family members are still recovering from symptoms and unable to work. They are accepting donations and have a GoFundMe page set up to help with funeral expenses.

ORIGINAL: EL PASO, Texas (KTSM)–One local family is in survival mode after COVID-19 has been making its way through each member one-by-one.

The Medel family tells KTSM despite most members living in different households and self-quarantining, a total of eight members tested positive for the virus.

“We’re just camped out right now,” Rick Medel said. “I was the first one, so I ended up coronavirus positive.”

Medel was hospitalized and has since been recovering. He said his elderly aunt and uncle and parents live together. His uncle was next to test positive and he was also hospitalized and now in the ICU.

Then Medel’s father tested positive and is now on life support after his lungs and kidneys started failing.

“His kidneys were failing so doctors told us that he was chances of him making it were 0.1 percent but we are very religious that we believe he is going to make it we believe in miracles,”

Medel’s aunt also got sick. She died from the virus shortly after.

“We haven’t given her the proper funeral so this has just been hard on everyone,” Medel said.

Since then Medel’s wife, brother, mother and sister all tested positive.

“That’s a big hit for one family to take my aunt she’s still in the funeral home so we’re just going through a lot and I ask people for any kind of donation,” Medel said.

Due to the virus, Medel said bills have been piling up with many members unable to work and extensive hospital bills plus a funeral to plan.

“We’ve always donated and always volunteered and its very humbling when you have to ask people,” Medel said.

The family shares a message to the community:

“I tell everyone wear your mask, stay away from people because this is real and when it hits home, that’s when you realize,” Medel said.

If you’d like to donate to the family, CLICK HERE.

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