EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — University Medical Center is pushing back on last month’s viral video from a traveling nurse.

UMC said that after the video was widely shared, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services arrived at the hospital unannounced to conduct an inspection and interview staff and other travel nurses. UMC said HHS found zero violations.

“After a travel nurse, visiting UMC for 2.5 weeks, recently shared her perspective on social media, Texas Health and Human Services arrived at UMC unannounced, to investigate if the reports were accurate. In all areas of concern, the survey/inspection found all items unsubstantiated,” according to the statement.

“Further, the survey/inspection included interviews with staff, including permanent and travel nurses, review of records and on-site review of UMC’s COVID-19 care units,” the statement continued. “No violations were found. Additionally, there was zero confirmation of comments made by the social media post that had generated much media attention.In the video, shared a few weeks ago, traveling nurse Lawanna Rivers shared an emotional video on social media, saying she worked at UMC for two-and-a-half weeks. She raised issues about the quality of care at the hospital when it came to COVID-19 patients. Unfortunately, the views expressed by this travel nurse who worked briefly at our hospital caused many people in our community and media to rush to judgment about the accuracy of what was being expressed,” said UMC Director of Public Affairs Ryan Mielke.

KTSM reported on the video when it was initially shared. Our original report included a statement from UMC.

The hospital also said that the open bay areas that were described by the visiting nurse are areas where the most serious cases of COVID-19 treated, requiring 24/7 immediate, visual observation and attention.

In the statement, UMC said it will ensure visiting nurses are made aware of the full operations of the units to which they are assigned.

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