Two people have been arrested and charged with animal cruelty, according to officials with the El Paso Police Department.

Joshua Christensen and Alisyn Preston were arrested on Thursday for an incident that happened on April 21. However, Preston spoke with KTSM on Tuesday and denied any wrongdoing.

She said, “I’m not quite sure what happened at my house…because I was running errands.”

According to police, Christensen was caring for the puppy and left it alone in a bathtub.

He’s also accused of shaking the 7-week-old German shepherd mix and dropping her on her head.

However, Preston told KTSM she didn’t know what happened.

She said, “I got home as soon as I could and he was outside doing the Heimlich maneuver and she was throwing up water so we just assumed, while he was bathing her, she breathed in too much water.”

Christensen is charged with causing the puppy serious bodily injury but Preston’s charges stem from failing to get the puppy “properly treated in a timely fashion.”

Preston told KTSM she brought the puppy to a fire station and an emergency veterinarian.  She also said she spent $700 on treating the dog and was told that x-rays were optional.

According to Preston, authorities seized her dog about 30 minutes after returning home from the vet. 

Before being arrested, Preston said she tried addressing the issue with a judge.

She said, “I did take her to the vet. I did pay for all of that visit. The judge looked at all of those papers and the receipt and basically paid no mind to them. And I was basically told that I was being placed with a class A misdemeanor because I failed to get the dog x-rays that I was told I could get later.”

Preston’s bond was set at $500. Christensen’s was set for $5000.

The puppy continued to receive medical care, according to El Paso police.