EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) The Canutillo ISD School Board President and a trustee are running against each other for County Commissioner Precinct four.

School board president Sergio Coronado is the Democratic candidate facing Republican challenger and board trustee Blanca Trout.

The County Commissioners precinct four is held by Carl Robinson who lost in the runoffs.

With the redistricting precinct four now includes Canutillo, Northwest El Paso and Northeast El Paso.

KTSM 9 News asked both candidates their message to the people of Northeast El Paso as they both live in Canutillo.

“Talking with the (people) when I was block walking they bring me the concerns of safety and security by the schools and people unfortunately right now safety and security is a big concern they just want to have the schools safe, they want to see the children safe,’ said Trout.

“I want to make sure we do well for all of the community and Northeast residents have nothing to worry about I will be going out there and meeting with them regularly,” said Coronado.

Both candidates also speaking about issues they hope to address if elected. Trout speaking about road conditions and also said there is a need for lighting.

“The big problem that we have is when it rains there’s a lot of potholes over there we don’t have good drainage it’s under the preview of county commissioner number four to see that and accommodate that. We have to pave a lot of streets, a lot of street that have been for whatever reason not totally paved,” said Trout.

 “People are real concerned about their taxes and people also have concerns about their roads about their flooding,” said Coronado.

Coronado going on to say he wants to bring free workforce training to El Paso.

“Economic development the entire leadership of our county is really concerned with that and they should be concerned with that and what I want to do is bring free community college workforce training to El Paso,” said Coronado.

Both candidates were also asked about the migrant surge in the community.

“The migrant issue is a federal problem and a federal responsibility but if the federal government has issues that they cannot respond immediately we as a community we, also as this country we have certain ideals that we need to live up to if these people are applying legally under our laws then we need to welcome and we need to help them,” said Coronado.

“Unfortunately these situations are affecting a lot of taxes this migrant center you are talking about of course it will bring $6 million of debt here that is going to be FEMA it’s still being our taxes. So it’s taxes that we need to allocate first for the needs that we have here in the county commissioner 4 section,” said Trout.