Trends and Tips for Cyber Monday

El Paso News

The Better Business Bureau warns with the convenience of online shopping also comes the risk of identity theft.

This year, Cyber Monday sales are expected to increase as more shoppers embrace shopping on their phones and tablets. According to Adobe Analytics, Cyber Monday is expected to set a record with $7.8 billion dollars in sales.

The Better Business Bureau warns you, before entering credit card numbers or any information, make sure the website begins with https. The “S” indicates the site is secure.

Look out for scams. Scammers lure shoppers will links that offer free products. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Hackers like children identities. The BBB said that’s because children have not established a credit history so hackers are always on the lookout for their information.

Hackers can obtain credit cards and loans in your child’s name. The BBB recommends you warn your children not to give out personal information in soliciting emails or social media.

Experts said many Americans are procrastinators. You’ll want to keep cyber safety in mind throughout the season.

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