Traditional German bakery offers up the ultimate comfort food

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Marina’s German Bakery has been in El Paso since 1956, bringing the comfort of traditional German bread to the Borderland.

Most people associate bread of all types with home. That’s what the manager of Marina’s Bakery has been seeing ever since he started working there four years ago.

“I see people cry when they get in,” said Luis Rodriguez, explaining that a lot of their customers are German soldiers serving at Fort Bliss who miss the food from their homeland.

The bakery opened in 1956 on Dyer Street as a reminder of home to German soldiers living in El Paso.

Throughout the years, many owners have come and gone, but the tradition stayed the same.

Victoria Mendez, a staffer, said they bake their goods based on an old traditional German recipe book that has only three copies.

“The most important thing to make bread is to have patience, a lot of patience,” said Luciano Davis, a baker at Marina’s who says bread changed his life.

“Before, I was a dishwasher, I was in my little bubble, and now this stuff, it’s different, I like it,” added Davis.

Both Mendez and Davis say the bread they make is a metaphor for El Paso: a welcoming city that embraces everyone.

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