EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — On Friday, Dec. 16, an appeals court ruled that Title 42 must be lifted come Dec. 21 according to the Associated Press.

On Friday, migrants could be seen sleeping on the streets of Downtown El Paso ahead of the Wednesday end date for Title 42.

Congressman Tony Gonzales for Texas 23 district had urged the Biden Administration to keep Title 42 in place.

“Title 42 while not perfect, we need to have a plan in place. I started the day here in El Paso at the processing center where I saw 4,600 migrants crammed in a space that can only house 1,000,” said Gonzales while in El Paso on Friday.

Bringing up concerns with the International Ports of Entry.

“What I am seeing now I saw in Del Rio a year ago I represent Del Rio there were thousands of Hattians under the bridge, at the peak of that they shut the bridge down. So I worry what happens if one of our bridges get’s shut down,” said Gonzales.

The Deputy City Manager has said that U.S. Customs and Border Protection has told the city they plan to start processing migrants at the Paso Del Norte Bridge.

On Thursday, Dec. 15, city leaders said they have requested resources from the state in preparation of Title 42 ending.

“Title 42 going away, we don’t know the status, no one understands exactly what’s going to happen but we know were days away,” said the Deputy City Manager Mario D’Agostino on Thursday.

D’Agostino has urged the federal government to get more involved suggesting Fort Bliss be used similarly to how it was used with the Afghan Refugees in 2021.

Congressman Gonzales who also represents Fort Bliss says there has been some talk about using Fort Bliss, but he has concerns.

“I worry if you start sucking fort bliss into it all of a sudden that’s the new designation and that base is no longer protecting America it’s getting in the migrant business,” said Gonzales.

Meanwhile, Fort Bliss dispelling rumors that soldiers holiday leave was canceled to address the migrant influx.

“To date, we’ve received no order or request to conduct a specific operation associated with the southwest border, though like every day at Fort Bliss, our units continue to plan for a myriad of contingencies so that we are fully prepared if directed to execute any mission,” said a portion of the statement from Fort Bliss.