Tips to save money on electricity this winter

El Paso News

You might be jumping out of bed more often to turn the heat on and that could mean you’ll soon see your electric bill go up. 

One company is sharing some tips to keep it from creeping too high.

The energy company Con Edison suggests the following:

  • Unplugging any appliances when they’re not in use. That includes charges for phones and laptops once your devices are fully charged.
  • Use smart plugs on your appliances to save money.
  • Turning off lights when you walk out of a room.
  • Avoid leaving the refrigerator door open for longer than needed.

“It’s about using he technology that we have now and incorporating it into your energy habits so that you can save money,” said Sidney Alvarez, Con Edison’s Media Relations Manager.

For more information you can watch the company’s YouTube video.

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