Tips to minimize health hazards on dusty days

El Paso News

Dust storms can pose risk to you and your pet’s health. Medical professionals recommend you limit your time outside during dusty days.

Pet owner Kris Kelly takes her dogs out for a walk every afternoon. Wednesday, while visiting the Westside Communty Dog Park, she was surprised by the amount of wind and dust in the air.

“We always come to the dog park for the afternoon and we were the only ones here because of this but my dogs loves it,” said Kelly.

After her trip to the dog park, she planned on keeping the dogs away from the wind for the rest of the day. Veternarians said some pets’ health can be at risk during dusty days. Dogs and cats can also get allergies.

Medical professionals said people who don’t know they have asthma or allergies can come down with sympotoms on dusty days. However, Physician Assistant Felix Barron with Southwest Allergy and Asthma Associates said it is usually not the same day that people will be visiting their office.

“We’ll expect a lot for people tomorrow. to feel very ill and come in with al symptoms from watery eyes to congestion. it’s the way for the body to get rid of all of the allergies they get today,” said Barron.

He recommended people who spend time outdoors use a nasal solution to flush out any dust particles that can impact your heatlh. Dust can contain toxins and asthma triggers.

Children, elderly, and those with underlying health conditions are most at risk.

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