Tips for sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions from El Paso experts

El Paso News

KTSM talked to Health and Financial experts to find out why it’s so hard to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions. They gave us tips on how this year you can make it past February before giving up on your goals.

Most resolutions are related to health improvements, with goals including weight loss, eating better and exercising more. But only about 8 percent of people sick to their resolution goals, according to Wallethub. 

“How to go about accomplishing weigh loss, don’t go on a diet. Diet’s don’t work. You’ll go off the diet by February most likely. Instead find an eating plan for life.” Says health and lifestyle coach Vick Mihalyov.

Experts say having unrealistic expectations. And not having a plan are the main reasons why resolutions are not reached. They say to stick with it, be specific about your goal, it will hold you accountable. Have a goal you can measure, because it will make it easier to track your progress. And you want your goal to be realistic, creating an ultimate goal and then smaller goals throughout the year. 

If your resolution includes financial goals, experts say that if you haven’t started yet its not too late. 

“Just set aside maybe 30 minutes once a month and go into your laptop where your plan is or your iPhone. And just look at it and refresh your memory with the things you wrote there, the things you want to achieve,” says Cristina Da-Costa from First Light Federal Credit Union. 

Experts say the key to reaching your financial goals this year is preparation. Start with small goals, be realistic, and reward yourself. 

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