Time spent away from families a factor in truck driver shortage

El Paso News

While some people are at home with their families this holiday season, truckers are on the road.

Many of the gifts that were under trees, and the food that was on tables, was likely delivered by a trucker.

What most people don’t know is that they spend their holidays on the road away from their families, which can make the life of a long haul truck driver difficult.

Some truck drivers say this is the reason behind the current shortage in drivers.

“Driving…takes up a lot of your personal time, so it’s kind of hard to spend time with our family,” says Raymond Velzquez, a long haul truck driver.

This year, Raymond found a way this year to take the holiday with him on the road by bringing his wife Patricia along for the ride. She got a first hand look at what life is like for her husband.

“I feel what he feels, it’s hard because you are on the road, sitting like so many hours. By yourself, spending the night in the truck because its cold, its hard,” says Patricia Velzquez.

According to the Washington Post, the average truck driver gets paid $80,000 a year. And many companies are offering sign on bonuses to entice more drivers. 

So, when you see a trucker on I-10 or at a local truck stop, remember they are likely away from their family to bring you all the things that make your holidays great. 

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