Thursday’s Weather On The Go: 10°-15° below normal for today, breezy afternoon

El Paso News

A Pacific cold front that came in overnight will drop temperatures down 10°-15° below normal.

Cold air coming in from our West will only put high temperatures in the lower 50s today. Humid air that increased rain chances has moved to our East so we will also see dry conditions until later this weekend.

As that cold air continues to come into our area wind speeds will stay breezy. For today winds will come from the Northwest at 10-20 mph. Winds are looking to be more active between 5 a.m.- 12 p.m. and will become more calm overnight.

A warming trend will start tomorrow and continue throughout the rest of this week and into early next week.

Forecast highs are looking to be in the 50s until Friday, but back in the 60s by the weekend.

Our next storm system will come in on Sunday which will give us a 10% chance of showers until Monday. Although this system will not have a lot of humid air associated with it, it will increase winds on Monday.

As of right now it looks like Monday’s winds could be at Wind Advisory levels. Gusts look to increase to 40+ mph. 

Some slightly cooler air will also be associated with this front, so we will see a slight temperature drop on Tuesday. But another warming trend will start on Thursday, putting temperatures near 70° by late next week.

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