The Story Behind the Blue Turf

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Some schools show their pride through t-shirts, banners and even chants but Canutillo
High School, they play on a field dedicated to their orange and blue.

“There’s nothing like stepping onto the field before a game it is a surreal feeling, you know,” said Canutillo senior and Defensive Lineman Oscar Del Real.

The blue and orange turf has been a staple at Canutillo High School for the past seven years.

“It has it’s own unique feel to it, it’s still turf, kids though it would be really cool so we came out the first day and it was really hot since it is a little hotter than the green turf, but its a neat place to play,” said Head Football Coach Scott Brooks.

Over time the turf was named but not without some conflict.

“We got a little flack from Boise State over it because they thought they owned the copyrights to it and I guess they do own the copyrights to it so you can’t call it certain things now,” said Brooks.

Though the school or district don’t call it by one popular name due to the copyright the students say it’s a name they can’t shake.
“Whenever someone says blue turf, its the ‘Smurf Turf’ thats what we call it,” said Del Real.

Coach Brooks also addresses some of the rumors behind the turf.

“The big thing is people always joke about do birds land on it you know and we have never seen a bird, I mean we’ve had birds but there are no ducks that land on our field or anything like that,” said Brooks.

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