The holiday season can bring stress instead of cheer, here is how to handle it

El Paso News

The holidays are supposed to be a jolly season but for a lot of people it’s not. Stress can become more than just a headache during the holidays.

A doctor at Emergence Health Network, a local mental health clinic, said about 30 percent of people suffer from depression or anxiety during the holidays.

During the holidays there are many reasons people feel holiday stress, from spending too much money to making sure to attend every social event, making the perfect meal, or losing a family member. It can lead to health issues like heart attack or mental health problems.

Dr. Carroll Thornburg said people should not expect too much from themselves and be realistic. He says it’s okay to cancel plans with family or friends to avoid a stressful situation.

“Spending time with people who do care about you, looking at things realistically, don’t try to over budget yourself. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re going to regret it after the holidays,” said Thornburg.

He said some people turn to alcohol to relieve some stress but he said that’s something you’ll want to avoid because alcohol will only increase your stress level.

Thornburg said the most important thing about holiday stress is not being afraid to ask for help when it’s needed.

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