The Diocese of El Paso looking for volunteers to help in temporary shelter

El Paso News

The Catholic Diocese of El Paso brought together dozens of locals Monday night looking to find volunteers and other support for the immigrant families passing through. 

The Diocese will be opening its doors to refugees seeking temporary shelter in the Borderland, but to meet the need the Diocese needs volunteers.

“El Paso is a great, caring community. I know that in this particular need, I’m confident that our community will respond to the challenge and care for these people. There’s no need for anyone to be left without food and their basic needs,” Bishop Mark Seitz shared.

An orientation for those volunteers was held to help prepare them of what’s expected. Local volunteer Martha Marmolejo told KTSM helping those in need has always meant a lot to her.

“It’s heritage for me. My mom used to do this too. Since I can remember. She always helped immigrants, no matter what they needed. Shelter, a house, even money sometimes. Food, clothing, everything. So I’m very proud to be Catholic and being able to do something like this,” Marmolejo said, “It’s just that we have to be united you know, when we’re in need.”

These families will be arriving to Martyrs Hall Tuesday morning. There will be 150 cots and a hospitality space that will be operating 24/7.  

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