The danger that Halloween costumes and decorations pose

El Paso News

With Halloween approaching, the El Paso Fire Department is warning you to be cautious as you get your home ready for trick or treaters.

The fire department said Halloween costumes and decorations have hidden fire hazards you should take into consideration.

Whether you will be a ghost or princess, make sure the costume does not have long-trailing fabric as it can ignite if it comes in contact with a flame.

There are also many decorations that are highly flammable. Keep decorations from open flames and heat sources including light bulbs and heaters. Keep candles away from where trick-or-treaters may walk including those jack-o-lanterns.

The fire department also recommends you use an alternative to candles. 

“Typically most of the fires that come in are candle fires and that’s because of the misuse. They are always close to something that’s flammable so our recommendation is for you to use candles that are battery operated,” said Sara Carrillo with the Fire Marshall’s Office.

While out asking for candy make sure children are visible. Give them a flashlight, glow sticks or have them wear something reflective.

Remember, you can pick up one these reflective wristbands at an El Paso Police Regional Command Center.

The fire department also recommends taking this time to make sure you’re smoke detectors are working properly.

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