The City sets plan for potential development in South-Central El Paso

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As the Medical Center of Americas looks to provide more growth in South-Central El Paso, local businesses in the area could see a positive impact.
“If you think about the development here being a stone in the pond, you can start to see the ripple effect,” Chief Resilience Officer with the City of El Paso Nicole Ferrini told KTSM, “You can start to see the ripple effects so it resonates out across the entire city and really amplify our efforts Downtown, North of the freeway, uptown, even moving along the mission trail and the far east side. It really is about connecting those dots and having the city play a part in making that happen.”
The Medical Center of Americas plans to collaborate with the City of El Paso, UMC, Texas Tech and many other stakeholders to re-imagine potential development from the Chico’s Tacos area down Alameda to Texas Tech. The City created a “Master Plan” that explains how potential development should function alongside other development projects already happening in the area. 
“The City needs to contribute leadership at this time. It’s about convening all the right folks. Making sure that we have all the right vehicles and mechanisms in place. Whether it be economic development tools or planning tools, any kind of regulatory structure that can allow this master plan to occur,” Ferrini shared.
City staff told KTSM this plan can help provide jobs, as well as keep on attracting more people to long time businesses already in the area like Chico’s Tacos.
“We talk a lot about being able to live, work, and play all in the same place. Being able to access public transportation, that can take you to that Chico’s Tacos and so we’re really looking at how this plan could inform that kind of development and help those small businesses as well as the big ones,” Ferrini said.
The master plan is expected to be discussed on Tuesday’s City Council meeting agenda, and review how the City could provide help to building better quality of life for this area in South-Central El Paso.

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