Two catholic churches were vandalized within the same week, now the Catholic Diocese of El Paso is taking a look at its current safety protocol.
The Diocese told KTSM St. Matthew Catholic church was one of the churches vandalized five days before another church was impacted.
“I really can’t think of anything like this having taken place in El Paso. Certainly not in the time that I’ve been here,” Bishop Mark Seitz shared.
The Diocese confirmed that St. Matthew Catholic Church in west El Paso was vandalized on the night of May 7th. Five days later, St. Patrick Cathedral near downtown El Paso was affected as well on the night of May 12th.
“When we see that two events happen like this in such short order it certainly concerns us that it wasn’t simply an act of random vandalism but two events targeting churches,” Bishop Seitz said.
Bishop Seitz added the Diocese developed a security protocol last July for all churches and catholic facilities in the borderland to follow. The process is still in place today.
“So we developed a plan that would help them get started in their parishes and we asked parishes to form committees and to submit us their plan,” Seitz explained.
As FBI and local law enforcement continue to investigate these acts, the Diocese wants the public to know the safety of the church is of upmost importance, “We are working on it. It’s really important in a investigation like this that we not increase the sense of concern by taking part in spreading rumors and things like that. The truth is is that no one, including me, know the details of this case right now. It is the special work of investigators and they need to be allowed to do their work.”
The investigation is still ongoing but the Diocese reminds everyone and the churches to stay vigilent. If you happen to know any information that can help, you’re asked to contact police immediately.