Texas Troopers, El Paso Police will be on the lookout this New Year’s Eve

El Paso News

While you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve, law enforcement will be hitting the streets to make sure the start of 2019 doesn’t turn deadly.

El Paso Police officers and Texas State Troopers will be out in full force getting drunk drivers off the road this holiday. Troopers will also be looking out for speeders and people who are not wearing seatbelts.

Texas Department of Public Safety said crashes increase on New Year’s Eve. Drivers who do choose to stay sober should drive defensively. Look for drivers who swerve, are driving too fast, or too slow.

If you notice this while on the road give that driver plenty of room and try to stay away from them.

“Just remember you are out there with a lot of people. You may be safe but someone else may not be. Pay attention to your surroundings and those people who are driving around you also,” said Sgt. Marc Couch with DPS.

DPS recommends you call police if you notice what may be a drunk driver on the road.

Texas Department of Transportation is asking drivers to plan for a sober ride during the holiday. TXDOT said last year, there were more than two thousand alcohol-related crashes in Texas during the holiday season.

Those crashes killed 96 people and seriously injured another 202. Drivers under the influence of alcohol can get up to $17,000 in fines and fees, jail time and lose their driver’s license. Paying for a ride home can cost you about $30.

“It’s way better to spend the money that way to prevent getting a DUI or worse getting in a crash and injuring or killing somebody and living with that for every holiday from here on out,” said Jennifer Wright, a TXDOT spokeswoman.

TXDOT recommends designating a sober driver, getting a cab, using mass transit, asking a sober family member for a ride, or even spending the night.

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