Thursday evening The Texas House LGBTQ Caucus held the first-ever town hall meeting in El Paso, starting off their tour through the state.

In the meeting, the Caucus tackled the discussion of issues facing the Borderlands LGBTQ community, and explained the recap of the 86th Legislative session.

Since the formation of the Caucus its goals have been to give LGBTQ Texans the opportunity to be heard and ensure they’re no longer silenced.

“It’s important that we are an accepting culture so that kids dont get bullied in schools, so that the ultimate consequence isn’t suicide, we’re really trying to shed a light of visability leadership for the future of texas,” said State Rep. and Chair of the LBTQ Caucus Mary Gonzalez.

The Meeting gaining lots of positive support from the Borderland community.

“As constituents, better communicating with our representatives, so that even with just the el paso community so that our issues are being heard, and that the LGBTQ community is being heard in the state legislature and nationaly as well,” said Cory Stevens.

The Borderland Rainbow Center told KTSM they believe El Pasoans can build a better democracy if they voice their opinions.

“A lot of things that have happened in El Paso in the last year do affect the rest of the nation and we are an example for how we’re handling certain crisis and situations and the more that people are experienced and in voicing their concerns the better representation we will have in this democracy,” Said Brenda Rish, founder of the Borderland Rainbow Center.

The Tour will continue in the states major communities later this month into the 2020 year.