EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Driving over the speed limit means being at risk of receiving a citation. Depending on the weather conditions, driving fast could also result in something worse, a crash.

On Monday, the El Paso Police Department responded to 181 car crashes during the rainy day. Even though El Paso is the “Sun City”, everyone still needs to be prepared for severe weather.

“Speeding is still the leading cause of accidents in the state of Texas,” said Marc Couch with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

In Texas, the average speed limit is 80 mph, which according to a study done by https://quotewizard.com/, makes Texas the best state for people who like to drive fast.

“States that have a higher speed limit are going to have a lower rate of speeding tickets,” said Adam Johnson an analyst for Quote Wizard. “In Texas, the average speed limit in the state is 80 mph which was top in the country and had one of the lowest rates of speeding tickets.”

Even though you might not get a ticket, it doesn’t mean you will be safe. The Texas Department of Public Safety urges drivers to drive slower when there is severe weather.

“Anytime you have rain or snow or anything like that, that changes the conditions of the roadway, how quickly you can stop in case of an emergency and those kinds of things,” said Couch.

Experts recommend you check your car’s tire pressure and windshield wipers before driving in the rain.

According to Quote Wizard, the only other states with speed limits as high as Texas are Wyoming and South Dakota. Texas’ limit is much higher than the countries average which is 67.7 mph.