EL PASO, TX (KTSM) – Kaitlyn’s Llanez’s dream is to helps other like those who have helped her by becoming a paramedic. She is a part of the EMT accelerated program at her high school so she can learn the ins and outs of working in that field.

“I find it really interesting I really love medicine and I feel like the paramedics do a cool job.”

Llanez recently spent 36 days in El Paso Children`s Hospital and during her stay, she heard the air medical teams come and go frequently. She became enamored by the paramedics and their in flight jobs; that’s when an air medical team heard about Llanez’s story and decided to treat her in a day in the life and getting to know what it is like to save lives on a daily basis.

One of the flight nurses, Samantha Phillips, said that they all wanted to do something special for her since she is so interested in their field.

“We all wanted to do something special for her since she is interested in flight medicine and how brave she is as a girl going through everything and how we really just wanted to help her out.”

Phillips believes that Llanez is very brave during the course of her medical history and someone like her comes around once in a lifetime which is why this flight was not only important to Llanez but to Phillips as well.

“Hearing everything she’s been through all of the procedures and all the treatments and everything and how brave she’s been people like that have been through a lot and she’s so tough so we really wanted to show her a special time and show her what this kind of career could be.”

Even after recent tests showing her cancer advancing, Llanez looks to complete the EMT program, inspired by the experience that gave her an exciting new perspective on paramedic work. And it’s that experience that has her excited for what she could see for her future.

“I would maybe like to – hopefully – want to do as my career as I get older.”

Kaitlyn Llanez

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