Tariff threat could impact local jobs and expenses for taxpayers

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The Borderplex Alliance told KTSM the President Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on Mexico could put thousands of jobs at risk.
Local companies along the border are working to ensure successful business, however they are thinking ahead of the possibility of losing money and cutting opportunities.
“They’re going to have to either cut jobs, minimize positions to be able to save the company so that’s going to cause another ripple effect as well for small businesses here in El Paso,” Veronica Barrera, Owner of Ambient Logistics LLC, said. 
As the deadline approaches, companies from both sides of the border are trying to save as much money and job security as they possibly can, “We are anticipating something at least good because supposedly all these things that were put in place were supposed to be good and productive for our economy and it’s been reversed you know it’s not helping,” Barrera said.
CEO Jon Barela with the Borderplex Alliance said the threat of imposing a 5% tariff against Mexico won’t secure the border and could lead to the loss of 400,000 U.S. jobs, “The threat of a tariff will kill American jobs it will devastate our local economy and it will actually make our border less secure. We’re hopeful as we continue the dialogue that the threat to impose a tariff  will not take place.”
“It’s piling one on top of the other.  A lot of times we hear the owners and when we have meetings with them they tell us how tight everything is for them, and they’re struggling, and they’re trying to grow, and we’re trying to grow… We’re trying to create jobs here in our community and this isn’t helping,” Barrera added.
Also, taxpayers will ultimately be paying the price if the tariffs are implemented.
“Tomatoes are going to be more expensive. Your Dell Computer, which is in Mexico, is going to be more expensive. Your automobile will become more expensive because of the tariffs imposed on Mexico, the impending tariffs. All of that is going to hit us in the wallet and in the checkbook. We’re going to pay that tariff on the ground level as US consumers,” Jerry Pacheco, President of the Border Industrial Association explained.
The deadline for the imposed 5% tariff threat is on Monday. President Trump said it could rise up to 25% in the coming months.

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