EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – It turns out that El Pasoans don’t have that much of a dirty mouth after all, at least according to a new study conducted by Preply.com.

In fact, El Paso was tied for fourth on a list of major U.S. cities that swear the least throughout the course of the day. El Paso shared the fourth spot with New York and Chicago.

But take the research with a grain of salt. Preply asked approximately 1,500 residents in 30 large cities in the U.S. about their own swearing habits in a survey.

They concluded the national average for curse words used per day is around 21, while El Pasoans “only” curse 17 times each day.

But the Sun City has some work to do if it wants to catch Phoenix and Portland (Oregon) on that list. The two cities were tied atop the rankings with residents who turn to swear words around 14 times a day.

On the other side of things, the most-profane town is Columbus, Ohio, whose residents reportedly use inappropriate words a whopping 36 times per day. The runner-up for the title of most-profane city was Las Vegas, where people curse around 30 times daily.

The study also asked people across the country where they swear the most. As you can imagine, most people reported they curse at home more often than out in public (55-percent). However, about 7-percent of Americans told Preply that they find themselves swearing the most when they are behind the wheel.

The study was conducted from July 11-12 of this year with an exact total of 1,549 people participating.