Streetcar extending its hours for the summer

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Starting Monday, April 15th, the El Paso Streetcar will adjust its hours ahead of summer time. 

“For those people who remember the streetcar, those who grew up with it, everyone has a wonderful story and great memories with that,” Tracey Jerome, Marketing Director with the city’s Musuems & Cultuarl Affairs shared, “For those who necessarily don’t have that history, they can experience the history because these are the historic streetcars that ran in our community before but they’ve been upgraded so they’re definitely 21st century technology.”
Technology you will be able to use and play with while riding the streetcar and not worry about being behind the wheel.
As Downtown El Paso plans to have many activities set this summer, streetcar hours are expected to adjust to your convenience.
“So many people are coming into the community around not only just for the games, dinner, or for a performance. Again we have a lot of special events, with earth day coming up, Neon Desert coming up. Lots of special activities. Definitely park, come on in and use the street car,” Jerome said.
Hours will be shifting Sunday through Wednesday from 11 a.m. to midnight. Also from Thursday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.
City officials told KTSM the streetcar has had 107,203 boardings from November 2018 up until March 2019.
Locals in the Borderland said these later hours should encourage people to use it more often.
“The street cars have already been paid for with peoples tax money so people should go out there and use it. So it should be available for longer periods of time,” El Pasoan Danny Santos shared.
Along with adjusted hours, streetcars will be adding more capacity so that you will have less waiting time at whichever pick up site you’re at.
Whether it’s attending a game, or going out to bars, many agree the streetcar is a perfect chance to also stay safe on the road, “If they want to enjoy a glass of wine or beer during the game, they don’t have to worry about getting behind the wheel and getting home, which is a really great opportunity,” Jerome added.
City officials said they are planning on having a streetcar locator app that will help you track where the streetcars are on their routes.

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