State Representative Cesar Blanco talks over construction of border wall

El Paso News

As KTSM first told you, construction has already started on a new border wall just outside of Downtown El Paso. Some people including El Paso State Representative Cesar Blanco believe it’s more about politics than actual immigration reform.

“El Paso is one of the safest cities in the country because of our local law enforcement and because of our federal law enforcement,” Blanco shared, “The wall does nothing but divide us. It is very costly to the taxpayer. Many of us who live in the border know that our region is safe.”

Blanco told KTSM the continuation of border wall construction is a part of Trump’s platform in which he used in his campaign. He also believes there’s still a big misunderstanding of the border when it comes to safety.

“I think the wall, the continuation of the wall or building a higher wall, is a disservice to our local law enforcement along here on our border who have done a phenomenal job keeping our community safe,” Blanco said.

Rather than continuing construction along the border, Blanco sees what he believes are more beneficial and useful ways to focus on border issues.  

“It’s hateful and I don’t think we should spend any more dollars. We should be spending more dollars on things that work. Like shoring up our ports of entry; creating technologies that make sure the commerce is coming securely, safely, and fast; making sure we are providing technologies along the border and making sure that our country is safe.”

Blanco also told KTSM he wants to see comprehensive immigration reform rather than the continuation of construction for the wall.

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