State Rep Cesar Blanco tells KTSM proposed plan to take to Texas legislature

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As the City of El Paso expects to hold a special meeting on Monday to talk about the current influx of migrants, one local State Rep is planning on bringing something to the table this upcoming week in the Texas legislature.
I am offering an amendment that addresses this specific issue that we’re dealing with locally and it would create the ability for city and counties to be reimbursed by the state when dealing with these humanitarian crisis, Democratic State Representative Cesar Blanco told KTSM.
Blanco continues to push a message about the border, especially when it comes to assisting migrants seeking refuge, Many times the city, the county, and non-profit organizations are dealing with some expenses for these humanitarian crises, so I think the state needs to step up and do its share in giving humanitarian assistance. Specifically to unaccompanied minors, to families. Some of these expenses include public safety, medical care, shelter, transportation, and nourishment.
The City of El Paso will be moving forward with discussions on how to address the current influx on Monday at a special meeting. The city’s fire chief told KTSM in order for the City to use local funds to assist migrants, the State has to declare an emergency.
Looking from a local level, there would have to be a disaster of sort where it tasks the resources we have. So public safety, public health might be in jeopardy, it has to be of that capacity, that nature, Fire Chief Mario D’Agostino told KTSM, Set up from the state level, it has a dollar threshold to it. It has a life threshold to it. It has a lot of parameters.
However, Blanco is keeping hopeful his proposed budget amendment will pass and go into effect as soon as this summer, This budget is a bi-partisan budget. I think there are a lot of great things in this budget specifically to El Paso. If this budget amendment passes, we’ll be able to provide relief from the state to our local communities to deal with this humanitarian crisis.

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