Special tribute in honor of fallen officer David Ortiz

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It’s been three years since Officer David Ortiz was killed in the line of duty, but the community will continue to remember his legacy with what is left.
While losing her son, and never forgetting, Herlinda Ortiz in tears on Tuesday as she remembered the life of her son David Ortiz. Ortiz who was an officer with the El Paso Police Department three years ago, however she knows not all was lost. 
“As it is, my life was shattered. I had lost my baby. This is something that he always dreamed of. Being a motorcycle officer of El Paso, Texas,” Herlinda Ortiz shared, “To us, having the bike meant that we have a little bit of him.”
Officer Ortiz was rear ended while on his motorcycle back on March 10, 2016. He then lost his life at the hospital due to his injuries. 
The City of El Paso and the El Paso Municipal Police Officers Association honored his life three years later by using his bike as a memorial. It will be used in activities such as safety presentations, static displays, parades, and law enforcement recruitment. 
“It doesn’t bring my son back, but it’s a lot to remember because it’s going to be called “memorial bike.” That’s what we wanted,” Herlinda said, “We wanted the community, and the bike to be represented in any event that they honor the officers. There’s a lot of beautiful memorials going on here in El Paso and the community needs to know about that.”
Ortiz’s Mother wants his motorcycle to not only be a reminder of his life, but also a reminder of what officers do each and every day on the job. 
“You don’t know if that’s the last day that you serve your son something to eat. Or you don’t hear that motorcycle coming in. Yes, it will be a legacy,” Herlinda shared, “Officer David Ortiz’ motorcycle memorial bike is going to be there to represent his community. His brothers in blue. This is what it’s about.”
City Representative Henry Rivera said this council is the first to commemorate the life of an officer who paid the ultimate sacrifice in this way.
Herlinda said she hopes his motorcycle can be displayed in other memorials for law enforcement around the nation in memory of her son. 

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