EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Southwest University announced the state appointment of its Vice President, Jeremy Burciaga, to chair the prestigious Texas Board of Nursing Education Task Force Committee. This accomplishment exemplifies his unwavering commitment to nursing education and advancing healthcare quality within the El Paso region.

Mr. Burciaga currently serves as Vice President of Southwest University at El Paso. As a leader in higher education for over 15 years, Mr. Burciaga has vast experience in innovation and modernization within education. He is responsible for the successful implementation of over 25 educational programs ranging from certificate training to Masters’s degree-level credentials.

Governor Greg Abbott designated the Texas Board of Nursing Education Task Force Committee to reshape nursing education by assessing accreditation standards and pioneering innovative solutions for the changes in modern nursing. Mr. Burciaga’s extensive and diverse experience as an educational leader has proven himself a driving force in education advocacy.
The appointment of the Chair of this committee highlights not only his influence but also his potential to drive transformative change in the field of nursing education.

Southwest University extends its heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Burciaga on this remarkable accomplishment. With great anticipation, Southwest University eagerly looks forward to Mr. Burciaga’s contributions to the Texas Board of Nursing Education Task Force Committee. We are confident that his profound insights and exceptional leadership will play a pivotal role in making
a positive impact on nursing education