EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – A home on Myrtle St. that was frequented by the homeless in the area was demolished early Thursday morning after multiple fires and complaints from the residents in the area.

The home is known to both the El Paso Fire Department and the homeless population in the area who are looking for a roof over their heads but choose not to stay in the Opportunity Center just across the street.

The decision to demolish was made after at least five fires were set at the home within the past year. While some are relieved to see the home gone, however, they feel like this only scratches the surface of what the core issue is

“It’s a relief but I hope it stops all this because if you can see the damage done to our apartment building this has just gotten way out of hand,” one resident shared with KTSM.

It is a conflict that’s seen neighbors forced to be evacuated in the early hours of the morning, as fires set to keep warm, spread to the walls of the abandoned home.

Now, even with the home gone, one resident believes that will solve the issues for now but not in the long run

“Not going to stop until the city finally decides to do something about this, I mean that problem has already been solved thank god it’s a relief for all of us, we don’t have to worry about four three o’clock in the morning with the building on fire or something happened.”

The man goes on to say that he just wants to improve the neighborhood that he loves and that it should feel safe for those who live in it. He feels demolishing the house is a step in the right direction, but there is more that could be done.

“Less homeless people here, less you know less crime because like I said this is not a bad neighborhood the lady next door has a little girl, and you can’t bring her out because of all of this and you know this situation needed to be fixed.”

In addition to requesting help from the city, residents are also taking the next possible step – starting a petition to have the Opportunity Center for the homeless relocated.

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