Soldiers are taking on the tax battlefield to help veterans and active duty military

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Despite the government shutdown tax season starts later this month. Fort Bliss Tax Center is helping soldiers and veterans.

One of the benefits active duty military who file at the tax center can ask for is a Army Emergency Relief loan. It’s a loan that is interest free.

“If soldiers didn’t have this kind of loan, they would either have to go to pay day loans which they charge an exorbitant interest rate,” said Capt. Vy Nguyen at Fort Bliss Tax Center.

The tax center is offering free tax preparations for all the service members and veterans.

The tax preparers who work there are all either soldiers or volunteers.

They’ve been training for the past month. Some of the civilian volunteers have come back year after year.

Another benefit for service members and veterans is the soldiers at Fort Bliss Tax Center are familiar with their situations.

“The soldiers who do the returns are versed in the unique military issues that the filers have,” said Nguyen.

This year, the tax center is opening a new location on base. It’s ADA accessible to make it easier for disabled vet to take advantage.

The grand opening is set for January 22, 2019 at Fort Bliss Tax Center at Building 2910 Casidy Rd. Fort Bliss, Tx 79916

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