Shotgun found near Socorro ISD elementary school

El Paso News

A shotgun was discovered near Montana and Rich Beem across the street from Hurshel Antwine Elementary Tuesday and that has some parents on edge.

One parent told KTSM a fellow parent found the shotgun as school was letting out.

The police chief at Socorro ISD Jose Castorena said parents waved down a DPS state trooper. He said the trooper took the gun and parents informed the district.

The chief said the administration decided to let parents know via a recorded call about the discovery as a precaution but that there’s no sign the gun was intended to be used in regards to the school.

“There is not information to suggest, that there any kind of threat or need for us to be in a heightened sense of alertness for the campus. We are however increasing patrols in the area for the remainder of the school year as a precaution.,” he said.

One parent told KTSM she wishes there was a designated officer for the campus.

The neighbor where the gun was found said teenagers were looking through his yard after a Monday night crash in front of his home.

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