Segundo Barrio FC fundraising for soccer camp

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A group of young soccer players from El Segundo Barrio are getting ready to take a trip of a lifetime.

They are fundraising to go to a soccer camp and have a little less than a month to reach their goal.

“Being in the team is a privilege,” Jose Escobar, player with Segundo Barrio FC, said.”You have to have discipline.”

Jose is just 12-years-old, but has been in the Segundo Barrio FC for six years.
“When I was little, coach told me that he had a soccer team,”he said.”It motivated me.”
Jose motivated by the spirit of the game, learning loyalty, determination, and love for where he comes from.
Segundo Barrio FC began in 2011 by school teacher turned soccer coach Simon Chandler.
“They like to play soccer, they like to play in the league and represent the community,”Chandler said. 

Marcos Adame, now 18-years-old, but one of the first to become a Segundo Barrio FC player. 
“We started because we liked soccer but from this program I learned a lot of things, like to handle life,” Adame said. 
One of the greatest experiences the soccer league offers kids is a trip of a lifetime.
“They get to meet and interact with kids with different backgrounds,”Chandler said. 
The team now fundraising to go to an Austin recreational soccer camp and for many of them, it’s the first time they leave El Paso and their families, but what they gain is invaluable.
To donate to the Segundo Barrio FC, click here. 

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