Over a month ago, President Trump held a rally at the El Paso Coliseum. The rally attracted vendors from out of town selling Trump merchandise.

One of the few remaining in the Borderland was vandalized and damaged early Saturday morning. 

“We heard this bam and I said ‘what the heck was that,” Tina Marie Patterson-Mann and her family sold their house in Washington state to buy a recreational vehicle. 

It’s not only their home but business as well. Their pit stop in the Borderland has lasted longer than expected due to high sales in the area. 

They say an abrupt wake up called happened when they came out of the RV to discover broken windows, mirrors and headlights. 

They told KTSM they understand people in the Borderland may not share the same political views, but say an attack to their home is more than just a prank, “I understand the fact that my family and I are the minute (small) minority here in El Paso. This is a motivated, political, racial crime,” Tina’s husband, Max Mann said.

They said the vandalism will only encourage them more to sell Trump merchandise.

They’ve filed a police report with the El Paso Police Department are looking into repairing the damages through their insurance company.