EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! TGIF!! Expect a beautiful weekend for some football fans.🏈🏟

Expect a high of 94 degrees, another nice warm day.⛅️ Still a little hazy outside but we are going to see some moisture move in that is going to push some of that smoke and haze away.

The reason we are hazy is due to all the wildfires in California and the Northwest of the United States. That smoke will continue to linger around the United States for another day or two some take that allergy medication!

Tomorrow for the battle of I-10 we are only forecasting 10% chance of rain!🌂 So don’t expect any rain to interfere the game!

We are sticking to those low 90s and upper 80s for some time.

Have a fun weekend everyone!☀️