Rising temperatures are causing green snow down south

El Paso News

El Paso, TX (KTSM)– There’s no question temperatures have started to rise in the northern hemisphere as Summer inches closer everyday but, the warming of the planet is now creating green snow.

What is green snow?

Unlike typical snow, green snow does not fall from the sky, it’s snow algae and it’s becoming more apparent in the icy continent.

According to scientists with NASA, the algae is microscopic and is growing in a large mass with the help of warmer climate, leaving the artic snow stained green.

“This is a significant advance in our understanding of land-based life on Antarctica and how it might change in the coming years as the climate warms,” said Lead Researcher Matt Davey, a plant physiologist and chemical ecologist at Cambridge said in a news release.

Davey explained, more than 60 percent of the green algae observed by scientists, were found just a few miles from penguin colonies.

However, with the rise in temperatures, researchers believe large masses of green algae will soon disappear.

“As Antarctica warms, we predict the overall mass of snow algae will increase as the spread to higher ground will significantly outweigh the loss of small island patches of algae,” said Cambridge researcher Andrew Gray.

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