EL PASO, TX (KTSM) – It’s almost been a year since El Paso saw severe flooding in June of 2021.

Residents in a small neighborhood of Doniphan and Racetrack Drive are still doing repairs a year later as monsoon season approaches.

“I took all my carpet off and cleaned up the mud,” said Gonzalo Sarabia, a resident whose home was flooded in 2021.

KTSM 9 News spoke with Sarabia the week. His home was flooded one year ago, as he told crews he had no insurance. A year later he still has no flooring in his home.

“I haven’t even seen anybody to come and make an estimate for my repairs or anything. I was going to hold off and maybe sell and then I decided not too,” Sarabia.

“Sandbags here and then in the rear and that’s just about it,” said Sarabia.

Another resident down the street from Sarabia, Rafael Lagos, found himself in a similar situation.

“We didn’t have the time to get any sandbags ready that’s what caught me,” said Lagos.

Lagos also didn’t have insurance and is still fixing the damage to his home. Saying he hopes changes are made to mitigate flooding before monsoon season.

“Get the street fixed and get the drainage running,” said Lagos.

A spokesperson for El Paso Water says debris and trash are being removed from a flood pool in the area as well as from debris, trash and foliage from drains along Doniphan and maintenance is being made to a pump in the area.

You can see on this map the red area is the flood pool that drains into the canal. The green area is where foliage is being cleared and the yellow area is where pumps are getting maintenance.

El Paso Water reminding people not to throw or dump trash as this can block drains.

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