EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A bombshell report published by Albuquerque station KOAT Monday night indicates that New Mexico State coaches held onto the gun used by Mike Peake in a self-defense killing on the University of New Mexico campus last month.

According to the KOAT report, coaches left Albuquerque on the team bus after the November 19th shooting on the UNM campus, leaving 19-year-old Brandon Travis dead. The report indicates that when the team bus left Albuquerque, New Mexico State Police were still working to interview players and coaches and locate the gun Peake used during the deadly altercation.

According to the report, Peake can be seen on surveillance video after the incident putting items into the trunk of a yellow Camaro, where he met three of his teammates – Issa Muhammad, Marchelus “Chi Chi” Avery and Anthony Roy. The yellow Camaro then drives away. It is not clear in the report who may have been driving the car.

Per the Albuquerque Journal’s reporting on the incident, the trio of players then called head coach Greg Heiar and assistant coach Dominique Taylor repeatedly.

Peake’s gun was eventually located with assistant coach Dominique Taylor at the Albuquerque hotel the team was staying at, and his tablet was found on the bus after NMSP pulled it over along I-25 as it was returning to Las Cruces.

According to the Journal, after the team left town, Taylor met with an officer at the DoubleTree hotel and handed him the gun, wrapped in a towel.

“Coach Taylor explained that Issa (Muhammad), Marchelus (Avery), and Anthony (Roy) told coach Heiar where the firearm was at,” the officer wrote in the report, published by the Albuquerque Journal. “Coach Heiar then called coach Taylor and told him where the firearm was at and to go get it.”

The gun, according to the report, had been in a hotel room but it is unclear who had been staying in that room, according to the Albuquerque Journal’s report. All three players told police that they wanted attorneys when they stopped the bus on its way back to Las Cruces, per the report.

KTSM reached out to an NMSP spokesman, who said the investigation is ongoing and they would not comment at this time. KTSM is trying to verify the warrant report independently.

NMSP told KTSM on Tuesday that the investigation is still ongoing, and no additional charges had been filed against anyone – Peake, the other players or coaches, or anyone else – as of Tuesday afternoon.

As KTSM previously reported, Peake left his hotel room after 3 a.m . to meet a 17-year-old UNM student with the understanding the pair would have sex. The girl allegedly worked with three other UNM students, including Brandon Travis and Jonathan Smith, to ambush Peake in retaliation for a fight during the October NMSU vs. UNM football game.

Travis allegedly pulled out a gun on Peake, and the pair exchanged gunfire. As a result of the shooting, Travis was declared dead at the scene, and Peake was hospitalized with severe injuries.

Peake was suspended indefinitely from the NMSU basketball team Monday afternoon after being released from the hospital.

According to the Journal’s report, Taylor told police that the coaches did rounds at midnight to check if the players were in their rooms, then took shifts in the lobby to ensure they hadn’t left the hotel. Taylor said his turn in the lobby was from 12:45 a.m. to 2:20 a.m. and around 1:15 a.m. three players, including Peake, came into the hotel. Taylor told police he pointed toward the elevator but didn’t speak with them, per the report.

The report was released late in the first half of New Mexico State’s win over Simon Fraser on Monday night at Pan American Center. Head coach Greg Heiar would not on the report and neither would athletic director Mario Moccia.

However, both men said the Aggies would be leaving for a three-game road trip on Tuesday. The Aggies are slated to play Santa Clara at 8 p.m. on Wednesday. Peake was suspended indefinitely from the NMSU program on Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, New Mexico State officials confirmed to KTSM that Anthony Roy, one of the four men named in the police report released by KOAT and the Journal, had not traveled to California with the team, due to what the school called, “personal reasons.”

NMSU said that Heiar, Taylor, Avery and Muhammad all had traveled with the team.

This is a developing story.