Remembering Arbin Iglesias: family of murdered 7-Eleven clerk seeks justice

El Paso News

A family still in pain over the tragic loss of their son and brother now ready to speak up and fight for justice for the murder of their beloved Arbin Iglesias. 

As KTSM previously reported, police say Iglesias, 25, was shot and killed in February during the course of a robbery while he was working at the 7-Eleven on Zaragosa and Sun Fire in East El Paso.

His family tells KTSM they want to honor Arbin’s life, especially since on what would’ve been his 26th birthday on Sunday March 17.

“The family is getting together at church to dedicate a mass in his name and we have a lot of family in Mexico who will do the same over there to celebrate his birthday,” Remin Iglesias, Arbin’s brother, said. 

In the family’s home they have a picture of Arbin above the fireplace surrounded by yellow flowers. This is where his aunt, brother, brother-in-law and father gathered to tell KTSM about who Arbin was.

“We still can’t believe that we’ll never get to see him again it’s something very difficult to know we’ll never see him but that’s the reality we face so we’re very sad,” his aunt Eva Arrendondo said.

The family described Arbin as a real charismatic person who was always happy and always had a smile on his face. 

“He always had a smile on from ear to ear, that’s what I miss of him the most,” Remin Iglesias said. 

Remin Iglesias said his brother always made everyone laugh and was the most unique brother of six siblings who always put himself first over others.

“He would dance and do things just to see us happy and smile. He always knew what to say he would always support us, we’re going to miss everything from him,” Remin Iglesias said.

The relatives said Arbin loved working and they never expected he’d face any danger on the job.

“In reality one never knows what could happen, we thought just like any other day he’d go to work and come back but that didn’t happen,” Remin Iglesias said.

The family hired legal representation from law firm Scherr Legate to seek justice for his murder. 

“Employees, when they go to work have the right to come home in the same condition that they leave their home and unfortunately that didn’t happen to Arbin,” Maxey Scherr from the firm said.

Scherr said they are looking at all possible ways to find the peace and justice for the family, saying workplaces should set extra safety measures in place in these situations.

“There are certain safety precautions that should be taken for certain jobs, for all jobs, but the public knows that one of the most dangerous jobs is to work at a convenient store, particularly the hours that Arbin was working and there should’ve been safety precautions that could’ve prevented an incident like this,” Scherr said.

As KTSM reported, police said Sharod Moore, 24, killed Arbin. DPS spokespeople said Moore shot himself following a pursuit by State Troopers near Junction, Texas.

Arbin’s brother said he was very selfless once helped a woman who had a sick child by volunteering his time to help feed the child for several days in the hospital. 

“Arbin made him a vegetarian soup, sent it to him and for three days he fed the boy in the hospital and the doctor told him it helped the child gain strength to be discharged from the hospital,” Remin Iglesias described.

The family says they will continue to mourn Arbin but they will never forget how special he was and say they know he’s an angel above now.

“Every day I think about him, Arbin was a light, he was my best friend, I lived with him for three years, and to go from living in a place where there was such light that isn’t there anymore is a very sad thing,” brother-in-law Will Iglesias said. 

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