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The latest number of burglaries across the Sun City has gone down compared to this same time last year, but El Paso Police say many are still vulnerable. According to Crimestoppers of El Paso, as of June 12th, the total number of burglaries is down near 4%.

The one type police continue to keep their eye on is known as opportunity burglary. It’s when a burglar enters your home through a door or window that is unlocked.

“It’s somebody driving by. They see that opportunity and they take that advantage. That advantage that we gave them,” Detective Javier Sambrano said.

According to police, 65% of home invasions are without forced entry. Of the 475 burglaries, 266 of them have been at homes.

Although decreased compared to last year, Crimestoppers remains alerted, “That’s still a lot of people that even though we are a safe community, those 266 victims aren’t necessarily thinking this is a safe community.”

They recommend double-checking your home before hitting the road and taking advantage of technology.

Owner of Maser Alarms, Otto Maser, told KTSM that not all the high-tech security is needed. Getting an alarm for the alarm can do the trick.

“People lose their security. They feel violated when somebody has ransacked their home or worse. So it is a good thing to have your security around the perimeter. It’s not expensive at all.”

Masers main suggestion: securing your home before someone tries to invade it.

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