EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Superintendent GISD Travis Dempsey announced that eligible Gadsden ISD employees will be receiving a $7,000 one-time stipend during their board meeting Thursday night, April 27.

Dempsey says the $7,000 retention bonus/stipend will be given to qualifying employees in May, recognizing “pride in our staff who took care of our students in the COVID related struggles that ensured students’ academic progress,” according to the press release sent by GISD.

According to GISD, employee eligibility for the stipend includes the following:

  • must be an employee of GISD at the time the retention bonus is issued
  • employees who were recommended for non-renewal or are on administrative leave at the time of the distribution will not be eligible
  • active employees prior to Dec. 31, 2022 will receive 100% of the stipend
  • employees hired after Jan. 1 , 2023 will receive 50% of the stipend
  • employees hired for seasonal activities do not quality
  • employees out on approved leave in excess of 16 weeks will qualify for 50% of the stipend
  • substitutes are not eligible for the stipend

GISD says the total funds will be determined after all the employee’s eligibility is verified, adding that there are 2,000 eligible employees.