EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Punk Burger is asking for help from Borderland residents to keep their doors open via a GoFundMe.

With restaurants closing down due to supply chain disruption, oil and gas prices as well as the pandemic, Punk Burger Owner Stephanie Rangel says mom and pop restaurants need more support from the public.

“I would say, definitely make an effort not just to support you know us and Punk Burger, but I feel like a lot of our local businesses are struggling right now. Often you see McDonalds, chains, line out the door. I noticed a lot of our local businesses are dead…” Rangal said.

Rangal adds that, with a little over two months in, business hasn’t been keeping the beat . As a result they’ve scaled back on hours of operation from Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. by closing the restaurant an extra day.

“We’re going to run Wednesday through Saturday and hopefully mid-month I would say, mid-January. Revisit and see if it’s feasible to open up more days.”

While the change has helped with their utilities, the family-owned restaurant decided to ask for the Public’s help in their GoFundMe page.

“Unfortunately, with 2 months in and not enough traffic coming into support, we have no choice but to ask for help from our fellow El Pasoans to keep our doors open. We have a GoFundMe and would really appreciate your help to keep our doors open. We need to hit our goal as soon as we possibly can. We have exhausted all options thus far to try and get people in the door and it hasn’t worked as of yet. We unfortunately have ran out of time and funds to continue on without reaching our goal. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding and we hope you have an enjoyable holiday.”

Punk Burger

The punk rock theme restaurant has set a GoFundMe to raise $2,500 but as of January 10th, they’re short of their goal.

As for the theme and menu inspiration, Punk Burger came about with the owners embracing their love for punk rock music, ideas that help their restaurant stand out from other local eateries.

That theme extends to the decor, as the owners decided to incorporate punk artist with canvases on their walls, to the food customers will enjoy.

For instance, they named a burger on their menu the “Fat Mike and Cheese” also known as one of the band members of NO-FX as well as their peanut butter and jelly burger called “Vicious” named after Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols.

 “We just want to, you know, I guess represent what we saw growing up, or like our passions and what type of music we, basically bring stuff that we would like to see here in El Paso,” said Rangal.

As for the canvases you’ll see hanging on their walls inside the restaurant. Each one represents famous punk albums like the Ramones and many more.

Punk Burger El Paso

“We commissioned from a local artist Jessie Gandarilla, so one would be the horror business from the Misfits, we also have like One of The Clash but it’s like, you know, various album covers but mixed in the Punk Burger style.”

If you have Nothin’ to do, nowhere to go-oh Punk Burger is on Instagram and Facebook. Their restaurant is located on the city’s westside at 3233 North Mesa Street.

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