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Project Vida celebrated raising over $160,000 for their Micro Enterprise Technical Assistance program. 

The program has a sharp focus on assisting small business owners to develop their projects.

“I believe this is the help for all the people that want to start up here,” Owner of Family Hair Care Miriam Leyva tells KTSM.

The funds were donated from various banks and businesses around the city such as United Way, G-E-C-U, and El Paso Electric. 
Project Vida also support the struggles these small businesses may face.

“To work with folk, to build relationships, to gain trust. So people are willing to talk about their problems. So we can help them figure out what to do next,” Co-Director of Project Vida Bill Schlesinger said. 

The skill-building program is aimed at job retention, job creation, and helping develop the micro-business sector of the border economy.

“Since my start almost 15 years ago I have had help in many aspects. There’s financial help where they direct you where to go, legal help, and I even had the opportunity to go to accounting classes,” Leyva shared. 

The program has helped business owners such as Leyva, to continue living their passion.

“All of my clients are very faithful, and here we are working. Very happy with what we do. 
I love what I do,” Leyva said.

Project Vida always welcomes more donors to support their micro-business program here in El Paso. 

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